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Stained Glass Panels
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The name crystal (quartz) usually brings to mind the white transparent variety. However, quartz includes a number of stones such as amethyst, smoky quartz, citrine, aventurine and more. These crystals have the ability to bend light rays, producing the effect of prisms.

They are trigonal in formation (a very universal shape in nature). This six-sided formation produces clarity, definition, pureness and depth, making it perfect for gazing and meditation. It reflects many colors, many other people, and the gazer’s own thoughts.

The most common crystals have six facets but there are seven-faceted ones too. Crystals range in size from very tiny "seed" crystals to the great "earth-keepers." The great earth-keepers can be taller than a house and as big around. There is one in Hawaii around which has been built a shrine; it is unknown how deep it reaches below ground.

The energy of crystal varies with size and shape. Its great ability to amplify energy and amenability to programming for specific use makes it a valuable tool It may be used in its natural state or incorporated in power wands that range in size from palm size up to a desired length. They may be used in pyramids and in browbands where the crystal rests over the third eye area. How they are presented rests with your own creativity or tradition.

A single terminated crystal that can be held in the hand may be used in transferring healing energy by holding it with the point in the palm and the flat end facing toward the "patient." The healing energy is then directed by the mind through the crystal point and out its end.

Crystals bring much pleasure by their beauty alone and so much more as spiritual tools. If you want to give something back to them, give them a bath at least once a month in sea salt and water (or natural sea water if available). Then place them in the sun to dry and clear for a day. If you wish, you may also give them a "moon bath" occasionally. They will need to be reprogrammed after this cleansing.

Programming is an individual and personal process. It is the instilling of your will and energies into the stone for a particular purpose. It’s like plugging an amplifier into an electrical socket.

For myself, I begin by breathing on the crystal to symbolize the directing and flowing of my will into it for its specific use. Then, when working with it I can concentrate on the healing itself.

Crystals have many more qualities and uses. Some are especially useful to record history. Some reveal the past, some reveal the future. Some are better amplifiers than others. Their facets answer some of these questions. If you want to know more about crystals there are many books available in New Age bookstores on the different aspects of quartz crystals and other stones. Enjoy!

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