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Roughly 100 to 350 million years ago quartz crystals were formed in veins and pockets pressed into the even more ancient sandstone deposits distributed over the face of the earth. These beautiful stones align with the earth’s magnetic fields. Today major deposits are mined mainly in Arkansas, Brazil and Madagascar.

In their natural formations no two crystals are alike. Only man-made crystals are identical and uniform in shape.

Said to harmonize the energies of man’s thoughts, emotions and consciousness with the energies of the universe, they make such great energies more easily accessible for the direction of human will. Druids, Tibetan monks, American Indians and early European Christian kings and priests used crystals as power objects. Crystal’s widespread distribution and availability made it popular and useful also to the masses.

They are used in "scrying" (gazing) as crystal points and balls, allowing glimpses of the past and future, visions and all manners of information not readily available to the ordinary faculties. When used to good purpose, gazing at a candle through a crystal point at eye level for a few minutes before meditation or prayer is said to bring calmness and clarity to whatever work it precedes.

Most often crystals are used to boost or amplify the operator’s energies directed in healing or meditation. They gladly lend themselves to all kinds of experimentation with energy, such as sound. With a pitch pipe or other musical instrument one can cause a crystal to "sing." A particular tone will cause a specific stone to reverberate. You will know when you have expressed that stone’s particular tone affinity because its reaction will cause a harmonic reaction in your inner ear and verify it.

In modern research and industry crystals are used to calibrate gold because their oscillating properties can be precisely measured. Their prismatic properties allow precise measurement of light wavelengths and frequencies, thus allowing definitive experiments limited only by man’s imagination.


First of all let me assure you, you can’t make a "bad" choice. There is no such thing as an evil or unkind crystal. You may rarely find a crystal that doesn’t seem to do as good a particular job as expected, but in that rare instance it simply means it may be better used for a different purpose.

Crystals volunteer willingly to your use, increasing your energies and helping you and itself to grow. Quite often you will find they fairly leap into your hands when you are examining prospective stones.


Some choices will be quite clear and ready to program. If they are cloudy or your intuition prompts you, they should be cleared before programming. Cleansing methods are many and you may wish to devise your own personal version.

You may set the crystals in the sun or moonlight periodically; expose them to ceremonial energies or places; recite heartfelt prayers over them; or cleanse them in clay or sea salt baths, etc. Their individual condition will determine how often they need to be cleared, such as monthly or seasonally or otherwise.

Included here are two methods involving sea salt (be sure it is aluminum-free), which may be obtained in health food stores. For instance, you may bury the stones in dry, sea salt overnight, or however long it takes to clear them. You may also place them in a sea salt bath (2:1 -- two parts sea salt to one part water) for awhile, then rinse them in clear water. Following both kinds of baths place the stones in the sun (or moon, if you wish) for a day or however long it takes to clear them..

Whatever the method, your crystals will appreciate your care and affection, returning your efforts many times over.


Remember, a crystal will be limited only by your beliefs in it or yourself. As you learn and grow and free yourself from old limiting beliefs, your crystal will expand its energies to reflect your own expansion and growth. If you believe your crystal can be programmed for perfect protection it will allow you to give it such programming at once and when such programming comes from a divine level it will work completely.

Retire to your personal "quiet place" with the crystal. Close your eyes, take several deep breaths and still your mind. Hold the crystal in your hands and visualize White Light flowing downward through your crown chakra (the top of the head), down your arms and into the stone. As the Light flows concentrate on the intended use for this particular crystal. Or you can hold the stone to your lips and "breathe" the Light and purpose into it. It can also be held to the Third Eye area on the forehead to let the Light and purpose flow into it through the spiritual centers of the head.

These are suggestions. Your programming is strictly personal and subjective. Your own particular touches or modifications make it especially powerful for your own particular spiritual work.


Healing and power rods can be constructed in all sizes, from hand-held to a staff, depending on the maker’s desires. Single- or double-terminated crystal points are mounted on a copper tube of desired length. Sometimes the remainder of the tube is filled with other gemstones. The tube is then wrapped in leather or fabric to make it more comfortable to hold. If desired, it can also be adorned with beads, other stones, feathers, etc., or simply left plain. If one double-terminated crystal is used, the other end is copper capped. In physics terminology this is referred to as a "fast-breeding particle generator" — very scientific! (This version can be used as either a healing or power rod.) A capped rod with a single-terminated point can also be used in healing. Or two single-terminated points may be used, one in each end of the tube, points outward to make a power rod.

Whatever their construction and size they all work the same way. A beam of energy (subatomic particles of universal energies) project from the outer end of the rod. Since energy follows thought, the beam is visualized and directed by the operator’s will. At the same time, the inner crystal point or capped end is aimed at the operator. The rod emits a field of energy that radiates toward the operator, merging with his/her aura or electromagnetic field of the physical body.

Single-terminated crystals mounted on a coin-shaped piece of sterling silver which in turn is mounted on a fabric or leather tie form a brow-band. The crystal rests over the Third Eye area and stimulates the head’s spiritual centers in meditation or healing.

As human consciousness arises, more and more good books are becoming available regarding crystals and their devices and uses.

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