Gemstones 3

Gemstones 3
The third and final part of our series on the use of gem stones in spiritual and healing work.

Peridot: Planet: Venus. Element: earth. Light-green with a delicate tint, peridot is often designated as olivine or chrysolite, to which it is related. It has beauty and lightness and carries the quality of seeing clearly and allowing problems to dissolve. Useful only to the clear-minded person able to see the long-view of matters, peridot will be of no aid to one who is bogged down in the problems of life.

Peridot’s subtle, light qualities lend themselves to healing the spirit; it alleviates spiritual fear. Only those who understand or have great sensitivity will be able to use this stone to heal their own spiritual uncertainty. Affecting the top three chakra centers in the etheric body, peridot is best worn in a crown or headdress; or it can be worn at the base of the throat.

Ruby: Planet: no particular planet. Element: fire. The clear, deep-red color of ruby has been admired by gem lovers the world over since ancient times. It is also frequently found in a mottled reddish-purple color with the star stone.

Ruby reflects the qualities of love and courage. In healing it aids in the circulation and flow of the blood; aids in cleansing and removal of germs and infection within the bloodstream. The entire body benefits when the bloodstream is clean and freely circulating. Though not at all destructive, ruby can be disquieting to the solar plexus center. It would be best worn as a ring or broach, or even an anklet.

Sapphire: Planet: moon. Element: water. A sister to the ruby, sapphire is another variety of corundum. It ranges in color from black, blue, white and gray, often showing a six-pointed star on its surface.

Its qualities bring lightness and joy, yet depth of beauty and thought. It should be worn as a ring rather than a pendant or heart stone. It will draw people’s problems or troubles to its wearer as a heart stone. Worn as a ring it sends out healing.

Blue sapphire is best for healing; black for protection or to center the body and its forces. White carries a high spiritual quality and is a good focal point to center one’s attention, much as you would use a crystal. The star sapphire is more effective than the clear stone for working with the chakra centers of the etheric body. The clear blue stone works more effectively with the mental body.

Sapphire blends well with silver and works most effectively when mounted in silver.

Sardonyx: Planet: Mars. Element: fire. Distinguished by its red and white bands, this variety of chalcedony was designated as onyx on the breastplate.

Its qualities are defensive in nature. Effective for those with aggressive temperaments, such as explorers or those in combat. In healing it can be effective in helping to alleviate cell disturbances deep within the bone marrow.

Tiger’s Eye: Planet: sun. Element: fire. The modern term for this variety of chalcedony is crocidolite. The oxidation of its original blue color gives it its most common hue of golden brown. Ever-changing within itself, it appears to change when viewed from different angles.

Focusing on the tiger’s-eye with the mind’s eye will give its user the feeling of oneness; and to feel more strength and to be more direct and pointed in their beliefs. It causes a focusing of the mind and the power of the mind. It is important that the operator use it rightly. One must be able to understand and accept the many different needs, strengths, weaknesses, and points of view, as well as the different planes of growth of its fellow beings.

It will not effect physical healing but will help to focus and direct the mind to this end. When used properly it will increase psychic ability and power and the understanding of that with which they are working.

Tiger’s-eye has a pulsating, rhythmic energy that helps the particular soul to vibrate to, and with, the Universe. It should be worn in a wide bracelet with an oval-shaped stone in its middle, and worn on the right arm. The bracelet should preferably be silver, but copper may also be used. Tiger’s-eye may also be worn as a ring.

Topaz: Planet: sun. Element: fire. Found generally golden-yellow in color, topaz can also range from colorless to pale blue, pink and brown. Less demanding on the consciousness than the diamond, it tends to soften the personality with its yellow glow.

Within its vibrations it carries the qualities of light, of joy, and of love. Although delicate, it has great strength within it. Its delicate light is easily transmitted to others, even when the stone is dulled or marred. All the spiritual potential for mankind is within this stone. When you look into it and glow with it, you can make its light and etheric qualities a part of your own being. It is a loving stone.

In healing, topaz creates a lightness of spirit and stimulates feelings of joy, the beginnings of hope. It is most beneficial when worn as a ring. A solitary stone should stand out from its ring setting and be worn on the left hand. Although most effective on the head centers, it will bring lightness and joy to any center. Cleanse and bless the stone after its healing use. It can also be worn as a pendant over the heart center (thymus gland).

Tourmaline: Planet: various. Element: various. [Pink, Venus, water; red, Mars, fire; green, Venus, earth; blue, Venus, water; black, Saturn, earth; watermelon, Mars, fire and Venus, water.] Tourmaline ranges in color from opaque black through the complete color range of clear stones. It has one of the most complex composition of any gem stone and generally grown in hexagonal, prismatic crystals.

Tourmaline’s variety is a part of its quality. It causes you to be more flexible, more understanding, less emotionally involved in your feeling with others, and yet helps one be more objective in purpose and reason.

CAUTION: Tourmaline’s great varieties can cause extreme reactions in the bodies, especially the intestinal tract. It should NEVER be used lightly or in inept hands. Whatever its color, tourmaline should not be worn on the body.

Turquoise: Planets: Venus, Neptune. Element: earth. Ranging in color from sky blue to apple-green, turquoise is generally mined in arid, desert regions of the world.

This stone takes on the characteristics of its wearer, whether positive or negative. Raising your own higher qualities will increase those qualities in it. As your wisdom grows the stone enhances what you think, say or do. Usually set in silver, which causes the bloodstream to pick up the vibration of wisdom and carry it throughout the body.

Its healing qualities are reserved mainly for those who wear it, especially set in a large silver bracelet worn on the left wrist. Its abilities in healing others will depend entirely on the abilities of the healer himself. Great strength, vitality and steady, ongoing power compose its energy pattern. On the physical body it works to steady, neutralize and balance the vibration of its wearer.

Made into objects of beauty, turquoise will enhance any room by its presence. Project love to such objects and they will reflect it back.

Zircon: Planet: sun. Element: fire. Sometimes called the "poor man’s diamond," zircon ranges in color from red brown and yellow, on into green and light blue. The clear color used in jewelry results when heat is applied to the yellow and brown stones.

Its quality of quietness causes man to be more at peace within himself, causing him also to reflect and direct his own thinking processes. It is a stone of harmony. In healing, zircon’s soft, blending quality aids in the healing of the spirit. Only those of a quiet nature will find the beauty and depth of it and use it for the peace of their own minds, and to others around them. Those with fiery natures will not be able to relate to zircon on a healing level.

With polio or tuberculosis, a stone large enough for light to flow through it will be helpful to the breathing in the lungs. Wear a large stone in a lavaliere over the chest area, or a smaller stone in a ring.

Other gem stones exist and are appreciated, but we have confined this series to those most beneficial to healing and spiritual growth.

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