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This article will focus on those precious and semi-precious gem stones most useful as aids in spiritual and healing work. Because of the many choices, this information will be submitted in three parts. For those interested in incorporating astrology into their work, I have included the planets and elements associated with the various stones.

The Breastplates:

No discussion of these stones would be complete without reference to the breastplates used by the High Priests in ancient times. The Holy Bible contains three lists of such gems. The "ephod of Aaron" is the first breastplate mentioned (Exodus 28: 6, 12, 29). It is described as having front and back pieces fastened at the shoulder with an onyx mounted in gold and engraved with the name of the children of Israel. The breastplate itself was folded to form a pouch into which the Urim and Thummin were placed (Exodus 39:9).

Upon the outer part of the "breastplate of judgment" were four rows of gems, three to a row. Each stone was set in a golden socket and engraved with the name of one of the tribes of Israel (Exodus 28:17-20). You can find the final list of stones in Revelations 21:19-20).

Stones listed for the silver breastplate, and their related tribes, were:

Sard — Reuben Garnet — Levi Onyx — Joseph Topaz — Dan

Agate — Napthali Amethyst — Gad Beryl — Asher Sapphire — Issacher

Chrysolite — Simeon Jasper — Benjamin Emerald — Judah Diamond — Zebalon

Due to translations from the Hebrew to Greek and the difference between biblical and modern names of stones, there is great ambiguity about the actual stones of the breastplate. For instance, on the silver breastplate that accompanies the Torah manuscript, the sapphire mentioned is believed to be today’s lapis lazuli; "sard" or "sardius" is not currently included in modern nomenclature.

The stones’ vibrations of the complete breastplate were used not only for protection, but to aid intuition, insight, healing and more. The breastplate was also used as a means of communication — it carried deeply hidden, coded language with it on a person-to-person basis. Wearers indicated secret messages by using or pointing to various stones.


Agate: Generally speaking, agate is associated with the planet Mercury and its element varies according to the type and color of stones being used. [banded agate, fire; black, fire; black and white, earth; blue lace, water; brown or tawny, fire; green, earth; moss agate, earth; and red, fire.]

Its energies tap several chakra centers at a time, causing the throat, heart and solar plexus centers to work together. Of a positive nature when worn as a ring or other jewelry on the body. For an operator who is spiritually attuned, the agate can help discern the truth or affirmative answer.

In healing its mellowing effect will help relieve physical discomfort when held over the solar plexus. It reverses the flow of negative energies within the body or center.

Amethyst: Planet: Jupiter, Neptune. Element: water. Amethyst is a variety of crystal and its color ranges from pale violet to deep purple. Because of its color it has been popular with royalty down through the ages.

It holds within its core the vibration of love and is capable of healing the entire planet. This love has the ability to change pain to pleasure, break to harmony, and the ability to actually change molecular structure.

It is important that its energies be directed in a positive way for good healing results. When used as protection the wearer must keep in mind a desire for positive energies. In this way the stone will repel unwanted energies, keeping them from entering the body.

Amethyst also works directly with the arteries and blood vessels of the etheric body. It is especially helpful in dissolving blood clots when it is held over the clot for ten minutes and then moved gently upward toward the heart.

The lungs are greatly affected by amethyst’s color. Wearing a pendant over the heart is helpful to the lungs. Even without the stone one can visualize the purple color entering the lungs and healing them. (This method is quite useful in "absent" healing.)

Aquamarine: Planet: Moon. Element: water. This stone belongs to the beryl family and is clear, ranging in color from light-blue, graduating to deeper blue-green.

There is a sense of serenity, peace and lightness with aquamarine that makes it an excellent stone for meditation. A soul can immerse itself in this stone and experience the beauty of all nature.

Although it does not have a great deal of healing qualities, it brings peace to the user and those to whom healing is directed. Aquamarine does affect the thymus gland by softening the center’s opening and allowing better use of directed energies. It is most helpful worn as a necklace long enough for the stone to rest below the breastbone, over the gland itself.

Azurite: Planet: Venus. Element: water. Associated with copper ore, azurite is opaque and ranges in color from azure-blue to very dark blue. Its lightness of vibration makes it a good stone for beginners of meditation. Use a stone 2 inches in diameter held in the hands for meditation. Also, it is useful with a smaller stone set in a ring.

Azurite has a lightly cleansing or purifying effect and can help remove some of the surface irritations and interruptions from the mind. It is especially helpful when used in conjunction with other stones. CAUTION: Avoid using azurite with orange- or red-colored stones as they may create problems from over-stimulation, especially when treating children.

Bloodstone: Planet: Mars. Element: fire. This deep-greens tone with bright splotches of red jasper in it is a type of chalcedony. Much of it is mined in India where it has long been revered.

Bloodstone affects the kundalini center. It is only efficacious in the hands of an adept or Master. If used by one of lesser evolvement it is simply dead or dormant and will have no effect at all. When properly used it is very powerful, stimulating energy patterns and causes them to flow in the right order through the chakra centers.

Carnelian: Planet: Sun. Element: fire. Carnelian is a type of chalcedony usually red-to-orange in color, but occasionally found in shades of brown. Historians generally consider carnelian to be the stone "sardius" referred to in Revelations 21:20.

Its vibration tends to stimulate activity. Worn by someone lazy or too easy-going it would prod its wearer to become a "do-er." In healing it might be used to remove lethargy. It should not be used by someone who is already active.

A piece of carnelian placed in the hand and massaging it over the liver area has the ability to help the liver throw off some of its impurities. Not an energy in itself, it stimulates interest or activity and thereby "opens the door" for spiritual and healing forces.

It is best worn over the throat or third eye, or it can be held in the hands in meditation.

Chalcedony: Planet: moon. Element: water. A "root" stone, chalcedony has many varieties such as agate, carnelian, jasper, onyx, sardonyx and tiger’s-eye. Although commonly of gray color, it can also appear in black, blue, brown or white.

Chalcedony has the power to act as an insulator, cutting off negative vibrations and maintaining positive vibrations. It can be used as a liner or insulator for many things and should be worn as a protective plate. Held over a wound, chalcedony will cause negative energy to be repelled and denied entry. It enforces an antiseptic attitude for a sore or wound. It does not need to be cleansed as it has the power to clean itself. Wear EXTERNALLY only. It will either absorb or deflect energies, absorbing only the highest vibrations and deflecting the lesser ones.

Chrysoprase: Planet: Venus. Element: earth. A variety of translucent green chalcedony, but of more spiritual quality than other varieties. Chrysoprase affects the higher bodies, the brown chakra and especially the crown chakra.

Can be used in jewelry but its effects will work as well lying on a table nearby.

Chrysoberyl: Planet: sun. Element: fire. Generally yellow in color, Chrysoberyl also ranges into green. Cat’s-eye and alexandrite (emerald green in daylight, dark red in artificial light), are two varieties of this stone.

The use of chrysoberl brings the quality of clarity to consciousness. It inspires the soul to be more charitable to neighbor and self, as well as generous, loving, giving and forgiving. Its wearer will be able to "see the other side" and mend discordant situations with family and neighbors.

Working on the emotional (astral) and mental planes, its healing qualities bring peace to the mind or soul of its user. "As above, so below." Remember that healing of the mental and spiritual levels will manifest itself in the physical.

Chrystal (quartz): Planets: sun, moon. Elements: fire, water. "Quartz" covers a number of stones, such as amethyst, aventureine, citrine, smoky quartz and others. Pure quartz is water-clear and devoid of color (this type is sometimes referred to as "rock crystal"). Its prismatic effects have been long enjoyed also.

The trigonal (six-sided) formation is a shape most universal in nature. Crystal’s foremost quality is its clearness. Gazing into, and meditating upon, this formation allows one to see reflections of many colors, reflections of many other people, and reflections of one’s own thoughts as it works with the third eye.

In healing, its qualities are mainly in the amplification of the healer’s energies as he works with it. For best results, hold a single-terminated crystal in each hand with the points toward the palms and the flat ends facing outward.

Its energies vary with the size, shape, and the energies of the user. Through experimentation, your intuition will help you find the suitable stones for different uses. Natural crystals are best for meditation.

Crystal relates to the heart center also. CAUTION must be exercised when using it with the crown chakra because its powerful energies can disrupt the thinking processes unless one has overcome the will. When used improperly, or ineptly, it can be a painful experience in the head area.

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