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We continue our list of precious and semi-precious gem stones as used in spiritual and healing work.

Diamond: Planet: sun. Element: fire. Diamond is considered the hardest of all gems and is composed of pure carbon. Paradoxically, carbon occupies the opposite end of the hardness spectrum!

Covering the whole energy spectrum, the diamond has aspects which enable it to help in almost every application. There is a feeling of infinity to one who wears the diamond. It amplifies the unending searching or seeking within the soul. If one can contemplate it without being swayed by its material value, looking deep within it, and appreciate its beauty, clear-cut colors, depth and perception, they will reap the diamond’s greatest benefits.

In healing diamonds are best used in conjunction with other stones. It amplifies and penetrates, magnifying the abilities of the other stones. It is especially helpful when used with the emerald or amethyst. When worn as a ring, broach or necklace, it enhances the physical energy of the wearer. It is also an aid to the third eye and crown centers.

Emerald: Planet: Venus. Element: earth. This stone is the most valued of the beryl family. Royalty and commoners alike have long prized it for its deep-green color. Even greatly flawed emeralds retain their value in the eyes of gem lovers.

Even greater than its material value, the emerald’s spiritual value is in the giving of wisdom from the mental plane. By this we mean it is given as a truth within the person so they may perceive things with greater wisdom. It carries the vibration of love and greatly amplifies the love projected through it.

Emerald strengthens the heart whether a problem is mental, physical or spiritual. Those with back (spine) troubles will receive physical strength from it. It can help alleviate problems associated with diabetes. It increases the body’s vibratory rate to help it fight off the disease. The emerald does not heal of itself, but stimulates the affected area to cause healing.

Since the emerald has a sympathetic quality or communion with the moon, any work done at the time of the full moon will be especially enhanced.

Garnet: Planet: Mars. Element: fire. This stone comes in many colors and varieties, ranging from deep emerald-green through yellow, brown and red. The red, translucent pyrope and rhodolite garnets are most generally seen.

Of great depth, great purity and wonder, the garnet is needed for the pituitary gland. When reflected upon, its energy enters the third eye center, stirring the pituitary up from the depth. It has the ability to cause the mind to reach back into past lives, past incarnations, to retrieve information there for the good and growth of being.

Garnets can be great inspirations during contemplation, or worn over the third eye for protection. When healing is projected through it, it cleanses, purifies, enhances and magnifies. The healer can use a green garnet in purifying himself and then project the enhanced healing energy to another.

Balance, peace and solitude are emanated by its energy. Different shapes give off different energy patterns. Although the shape is secondary, certain shapes add benefit but are not essential to its effects.

Jade: Planet: Venus. Element: water. Considered to be the most precious of all stones in China and Japan, jade has been prominent and a part of oriental philosophy for centuries. The Chinese credit jade with the cardinal virtues of clarity, courage, justice, modesty and wisdom. The term jade includes two distinct mineral species, nephrite and jadeite. Jadeite is the less common and therefore more valued. Jade has many colors and many important aspects.

Jade can be piercing and tranquil at the same time. It can reach to the deepest problem and at the same time bring tranquility to that problem. It is an excellent stone for meditation and healing.

Jade’s various colors have within them similar qualities. When you use the more colorful stones, such as red, orange, etc., you address areas of anger, hate and lust. When wearing greens and blues you speak to purity, love, emotions, growth and affections.

In healing, if you are not sure which color to use on a particular area, select a stone of lavender hue, for its tender vibration. Those familiar with color therapy can be more specific with the proper color for use in a particular situation. The cream-colored jade is suitable for carving works of beauty, but is neutral in nature and not of use in healing (other than to please the eye of the patient, thereby aiding in tranquility).

Jasper: Planet: various, depending on type and color. Element: various, for the same reasons. [Red, Mars, fire; green, Venus, earth; brown, Saturn, earth; mottled, Mercury, air.] Jasper is another of the breastplate gems. It is an opaque variety of chalcedony appearing in red, dark green, grayish-blue and yellow colors.

Although its qualities are very subtle, not giving off strong vibrations or powers, jasper will work over a long period, making long-term changes rather than sudden changes. Its healing use is its ability to prepare the way for other healing energies to do their work.

Jasper corresponds well in conjunction with opal, both supplementing and complementing it. The opal’s fiery aspects will be tempered and balanced by jasper. Jasper is best worn in or near the chest area or at the lower throat area.

Kunzite: Planets: Venus, Pluto. Element: earth. Generally ranging in color from pale pink to deep lilac. This variety of spodumine is phosphorescent under radium’s influence.

Kunzite causes a person to be more disciplined. To feel the benefit of this stone, it is essential that its user follow through on tasks initiated under its influence. It has a steadying influence on people who are erratic in emotions or actions.

In healing it causes blood to flow freer. It does not thin the blood, just facilitates its flow. It is also good for relieving tenseness in the shoulders, easing and relaxing nerves when it is moved over the area two to three inches away from the body.

Lapis Lazuli: Planet: Venus. Element: water. Lapis is a deep blue color in its purer forms, but is often found intermixed with white calcite containing flecks of gold or pyrite in its matrix. Although found in many countries, it is mined mainly in Afghanistan and the Russians Urals.

The eleventh stone on the breastplate, it has the qualities of fineness, of high intensity, and yet it is also etheric in quality. Lapis lazuli enables its wearer to tune his etheric body to the stone’s particular vibration. This facilitates the opening of many of the chakra centers. CAUTION: It is important that this use of lapis be done only with love in one’s heart to insure positive avenues are opened up. Its use should not be attempted out of idle curiosity.

Lapis can be placed on the crown chakra during meditation while you attune your etheric body to its vibration. Quiet your mind and visualize the stone, feeling it and projecting yourself into it. Be patient. Your first attempts may not be rewarded, but over time you can become more and more a part of its vibration. It can be used as a touchstone in healing — hold in one hand while you work with the other. Focus on attuning to it and then begin your healing method.

When used in jewelry, lapis should be worn above the diaphragm, as the energy is always drawn up to the higher, spiritual centers.

Moonstone: Planet: moon. Element: water. More correctly called orthoclase, moonstone is a variety of feldspar. It is generally of a milky-bluish opalescence, reflecting a sheen.

Incorporating a person’s being and feeling it will be negative for a person with a negative nature, and positive for a person with a positive nature. It does not add or detract. It is a mirror or reflection of its wearer. This quality makes moonstone effective when used in psychometry. The stone should belong to the one being "read" and have been worn on their person for a minimum of three months. A good psychometrist will be able to perceive the total life pattern from such a stone.

Onyx: Planets: Mars, Saturn. Element: fire. A variety of chalcedony, onyx often has black and white bands of color. In early times its use was popular for carving cameos. It is an excellent stone for use in psychometry, or in trying to define that which has come from another body. The information so elicited will be positive in nature and therefore of greater value. It will help emotional stability during times of battle and can be worn daily as a strength-giving object.

Its stabilizing, neutralizing, strengthening energy pattern would be of great value to anyone who is easily upset, either emotionally or physically. Athletes would benefit from wearing onyx, as it brings balance to mind and body, and presence of mind. It should be worn on the left side of the body.

Opal: Planets: all planets. Elements: all elements. Of quasi-crystalline construction, opal ranges in color from translucent white through all the color spectrum.

Opal should be worn with caution. It magnifies a person’s traits, whether positive or negative. Wear it on your little finger, the farthest position away from the body. If you become frivolous or jittery, then remove it from your person. Teenagers should not wear opal even if it is their birthstone. It will magnify the unstableness of their developing emotions. It should be avoided before the ages of 21-23 years.

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